Google Map Mobile Research on Affordance and others

Is it done purposely ? So thought of gather some data from different users to verify that I’m having a valid question...

Case Study: User Testing at outbound location

But the unaccepted thing is at some point users express their thoughts from own language and as an observer could not understand

Adding Latitude and Longitude to your attribute table

This is a quick guide on how to add the coordinates of particular points into your shapefile attributes table

Office Premier League plans third tournament in August

New initiative following successful conduct of six-a-side cricket tournament in 2018 and futsal championship in June this year

Generate XYZ tiles (MBTiles). Manual fix for the missing tile Bug

This is how I overcome the QGIS export into MBTiles bug fix, This is not an easy fix and time-consuming, this might fix on software releases

Connecting Two points Perfectly

When You connecting two points of any element in QGIS you need to zoom in to depth level to connect two points perfectly. Instead of spending time on this, you can use the Snapping tool for a quick connection of point.

CSS Position absolute & relative understanding

When you use position absolute you have to understand the behavior changes according to the parent element.