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Product Designer

Product Design Lead,eZRx at Singapore Zuellig Pharma Digital & Data & Mentor of CareerFoundry.

About Samath

UI/UX industry expert with 14+ years of well-rounded experience having been exposed to many leading transformative projects in various sectors and aspects around the globe.

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14+ years in Industry

Experienced with guiding and managing UX teams in adopting next-gen UX principles to help build software products.

Speaker/Mentor Events

Currently a mentor at the Career Foundry of Germany, which supports the youth as well as people seeking to switch careers.

OPL Founder

Founder of Office Premier League tournaments in Sri Lanka, which places all companies in battles of sports.

Samath during his tenure a Pyxle excelled on the career path of web design and was a role model for superlative career progression through continuous self improvement. Starting off as a junior web designer, Aravinda excelled at what he did which took him to a role of Team Lead within a short span of time. I would not hesitate to recommend him for a role in design/team lead which would offer any company who is on the look out for creativity, delivery quality and work ethics at its best.

Oshada Senanayake

COO Digital Transformation Brandix

I worked with Aravinda Samath on a web-based product suite for finance. He has a good eye for visual design, creating many great looking mockups for our projects, as well as being able to work on details of the design in the frontend-code. He also takes initiative to discuss or bring in new perspectives for the projects, and he is easy to work with in the team.

Leon Ho

UX Design Lead, Adra Norway

Samath has a great understanding of UX, is a talented UI/UX designer who displayed notable work-ethic and leadership. He recommends options when the team did not think of and was thorough. He is professional, reliable, organised and delivered on deadlines and consistently impresses with his design ability. Working in a team, he took the time to answer questions and helped to bring the team forward. I seen him delivered consistent high quality solutions for our clickable web prototype as well as mobile application. Best of all, his designs are reliable and aesthetics are on-point. I am happy to be able to work with him.

Cindy Lin-Tschoeke

UX Designer ,Singapore

Aravinda is one of the best Web designers and front-end developers I've met. He is extremely thorough with emerging technologies and have a good grasp on his craft. He is also very hardworking and results focused willing to go the extra mile to get the job done.

Deane Jayamanne

Director at ODDLY

A very creative Guy who would always bring Fresh, clean, beautiful designs to the table. Good listener, understand client requirement, flexible and hardworking.

Kavindra Joseph

Digital Media Service Consultant

Samath is a very hardworking and knowledgable expert in UX design. Through the course of my time with Thales, I had learnt a lot from working with him. He is not afraid to give valuable and non-bias feedback when it comes to improving the user interface of our prototypes. I was impressed by his knowledge in softwares such as Axure RP 9 as he has also taught me a lot on coding certain intricate interactions. He has guided me a lot when we worked together on the mobile prototype even during prototype testing, he would explain how the user will be interacting with the design. His work for the mobile design was very meticulously thought of and planned, down to the point of how lighting will work with the colours used. It was a great experience being able to work with Samath

Nur Zarifah Borhan

UX/UI Designer, Singapore

I was given the opportunity to work with Samath during my internship at Govtech, and it was a great experience getting to learn more about UI/UX from him. Being new to the field, he offered me a lot of advice and taught me more about UI/UX Design standards commonly used in the industry. He was very friendly and I had a great time working together with him!

Rebecca Ling

UI/UX Designer, Singapore


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Awards & certifications


Best Web LK Silver Winner

Silver winner for best personal website


NN/g UX Certificate (UXC)

Listed as the 2nd Sri Lankan to obtain the NNg Certification. ID 1035027


Best Emerging Xian Awards - 99x

Runner-Up of the Excellence Award for Best Emerging Xian at 99x Pvt Ltd


Pyxlite of the year

For Exceptional performance as an employee & contribution at Pyxle Pvt Ltd


Best Web LK Gold & Silver

UIUX Designer Under ODDLY Company for Altair Project


Best Web LK Silver & Bronze

UIUX Designer Under Pyxle Company for Union Assurance General Project


Best Web LK Bronze

UIUX Designer Under Pyxle Company for Oxford Business School

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